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Are You Watering Your Lawn Enough?

When you embark on sprinkler installation, you aren’t able to observe how much water is going on your lawn right away. So, you need to set up your sprinklers with the goal of watering your lawn the proper amount. Here are some tips for delivering the right amount of water:

  1. Instead of watering every day, schedule your sprinkling times two or three times per week when it is cool and four or five times per week in the summer.
  2. Water early in the morning. This is easier to do when your sprinklers are pre-set.
  3. Don’t keep watering to the point where water runs down the street.
  4. Check to make sure your sprinklers are watering the entire lawn.
  5. If your lawn has brown spots, don’t just keep watering. Check for other problems.

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