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Sprinkler System Down? We can Help!

A lawn is the face of your home or business. Proper care and maintenance go a long way into keeping it lush and green during the warm parts of the year. This is a care everyone can see and shows a level of pride to your building that can be shared with passing people. Now, everyone has their own secret technique when it comes to ensuring the beauty of those blade; soils, feed, and trimming regiments to swear by. The one thing that each lawn needs is water.

Now again, everyone is going to have their preference of sprinkler system design, but the last thing your precious lawn needs is for that system to fail! With proper care and maintenance, you can avoid plenty of critical disasters to your system, but not everything can be accounted for. That’s why you can put your faith in Altitude Sprinkler & Landscape for all your sprinkler repair needs.

Our efficient technicians are trained to handle a variety of reasons why your sprinkler may be acting up. If there isn’t any water coming out when the system is turned on, it could be a few different reasons:

  • Leak in the piping
  • Clog in the piping
  • Roots growing in the nozzle
  • Roots squeezing the piping
  • Water running in the home/business is conflicting with the sprinklers

…Or, if you have several sprinklers, many of them may have sprouted leaks.

Of course, if there is a leak in the system, you’ll also note an uneven spread of water, namely puddles in one area while it’s bone dry in another. For multi sprinkler head systems, there could be an error simply with a single head. As long as the issues isn’t a leak, this problem can be easily noted by seeing which of the spouts isn’t producing water. At that point it may call for a replacement on the one head, but certainly not an issue for the entire system. Are you experiencing any of these issues with your system?

  • Heads not popping up or retracting
  • Excessive blow-by of the sprinkler riser
  • Leakage between riser and cap when riser fully extended
  • Sprinkler heads too low in the ground
  • Obviously, damaged sprinkler heads
  • Different sprinkler head types in same valve zone
  • Rotor Sprinkler won’t Rotate Properly
  • Sprinklers continue to drain at bottom of slope when system is off

If even one of these signs catches your attention, it’s best to act quickly! Call Altitude Sprinkler & Landscape to get your sprinkler repaired and keep your lawn looking beautiful.

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