Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape is a sprinkler system repair company servicing Castle Rock. We are owned and operated by Steve Kosarek who has been a highly respected manager and adviser in the region for over 25 years. Steve believes in shooting straight with his customers when it comes to evaluating sprinkler system repair, installations, and landscapes. Words like integrity and character means everything to Steve when he works with his customers. Our company’s motto is “Do it right the first time” and because of this attitude his business has been a successful and generated many loyal customers over the years.

You can rest easy with your sprinkler system repair in Castle Rock when you hire Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape. We stand by our work even if the unforeseen happens. We have enough years of experience to know that often time’s situations occur that are unexpected. We can handle any inopportune event because we have been at this a long time and have the experience and wisdom to deal with just about anything. 

What are you waiting for sprinkler system repair is a call away. A beautiful lawn and landscape it yours for the taking by letting us help you create the outdoor environment you have been dreaming of.

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