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The dog days of summer…and your lawn

Altitude Sprinklers and Landscapes has these summer sprinklers and irrigation techniques to share If precautions are not taken, even for lush green lawns, these particularly hot days can bring disasters. Planning can make a big difference. Follow our tips to create beautiful lawns and gardens throughout the year and enjoy a carefree summer.

  • A full system check is recommended at the start of the summer season. If this chore didn’t make it on your to-do list, there’s no better time than the present to get it done.
  • Whether you water your lawn with a completely automated sprinkler system, or a simple garden hose and clip-on spray nozzle, test every component of the equipment for leaks, blockages, and faults. Identifying any technical issues with your sprinkler system at this stage can save you a lot of time, money and potentially wasted water. Check heads, timers, spray patterns and other system functions. If you have a particularly complex system, schedule a maintenance appointment with Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape in Denver right away.
  • One very simple mistake by many novice gardeners is they set their sprinkler system to one time and setting, then forget about it for the whole summer. In many areas, the temperature and precipitation levels fluctuate considerably during summer. Sticking to one setting means that at best you will be overwatering at the start of summer, under watering during the driest time, and overwatering again towards the end. For efficient use of water and best results, change the settings of your sprinkler system to suit the conditions at least once per month.
  • A drought in your area can make it challenging to keep your garden looking its best. Water use restrictions mean a water little needs to go a long way. If droughts frequently hit your area, it may be worth considering investing in high-efficiency water spray nozzles and switching over to drip irrigation systems for tree and shrub areas. Some municipalities even offer exceptions or incentives for the use of these low-waste options.
  • Summertime can be the most high-risk time of year for some landscapes. Remember to inspect your garden regularly and to watch carefully for signs of underwatering. Dried up grass and browning plants can be caused by several reasons. You may need to adjust the setting of your irrigations system. A single clogged nozzle or sprinkler head that fails to pop up could also be the reason. If in doubt, it is best to request assistance from a qualified landscape technician with experience in irrigation systems.

Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape can assist homeowners across metro Denver with all their landscaping needs. For low-maintenance, easy lawn care during throughout the year, we can recommend a broad range of cost-effective options. From soil moisture sensors to simple drip irrigation systems, keeping your garden looking great has never been easier. Feel free to contact us for more advice on summer irrigation and sprinklers, or to arrange an inspection and quote for your property.

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