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Install landscaping lighting

Are you lit up for darker days or longer nights?

Being outdoors in the garden is not a year-long pleasure in Colorado. As fall comes across us, with winter to follow, and then a slowly-arriving spring, you’ll be spending much more time inside your home than for the rest of the year. And with days shorter and nights longer, then enjoying your garden as much…
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Sprinkler repair services Denver CO

Signs that indicate your sprinkler system needs repair

Weather patterns have become somewhat unpredictable. The best way to main a lush green yard, especially during the dry season, is by using a reliable sprinkler system. However, just like any other device, your sprinkler system needs constant repair to maintain its excellent performance. Below are signs that indicate you need sprinkler repair. Dying grass…
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Sprinkler system Altitude Sprinkler & Landscape

Deciding between a manual or automatic sprinkler

If you’re considering sprinkler installation, you’ll no doubt be wondering whether a manual or automatic system would best suit your Denver lawn. Manual sprinklers are usually easier to install compared to automatic systems, which require electricity to function. They are also incredibly simple to use – when your lawn needs watering, just turn the valve…
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sprinkler blowout service

Are You Watering Your Lawn Enough?

When you embark on sprinkler installation, you aren’t able to observe how much water is going on your lawn right away. So, you need to set up your sprinklers with the goal of watering your lawn the proper amount. Here are some tips for delivering the right amount of water: Instead of watering every day,…
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sprinkler repair services

Costs Associated with Sprinkler Systems

Finding and installing a sprinkler system that is cost-effective for your lawn is very important. You want to make sure that you are paying (and just as importantly, not overpaying) for quality sprinkler system installation and sprinkler repair. The cost of the initial sprinkler installation will depend on the size of your lot. For reference,…
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new sod landscaping

How to tell if you’ve watered enough

Checking to see if you’ve watered enough is vital to the health of your lawn. Not enough water means the roots of your grass or plants aren’t reaching deep enough, which can result in your greenery dying in the hot summer months. To check if you have watered enough, turn on your brand new sprinkler…
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Install new lawn sprinkler

How to find the right landscaping and sprinkler contractor

Looking for the right landscaping contractor is crucial to the health and well-being of your garden. A professional and reliable contractor ensures that you receive as much help as you need with your garden. Whether you require landscape design, soil preparation or mulching, the right contractor caters to your personal needs. Always go for an…
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Sprinkler repair services Denver CO

How to tell if water is leaking from your sprinkler

How do you know if water is leaking from your sprinkler? That leak could be costing you money on your monthly utility bill, so let’s take a quick look at the problem. A working sprinkler valve is either open or closed. If you have a valve that isn’t completely shutting, it should be repaired. The…
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Sprinkler installation services

Tips to maximize your sprinkler use

Once you’ve installed your sprinkler, you’ll want to know how to get the most out of it. Maximize your use with the following tips: Don’t over-water Leaving your sprinklers on for long periods of time will over-saturate the landscape you’re trying to maintain. Set timers or an alarm so you remember to turn your sprinklers…
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Full service landscaping

Keeping your lawn healthy and happy in Denver

Everyone loves to spend time in a beautiful garden, which is why it is important that you take some time to give your lawn that healthy green look. The first step is to pay attention to the soil. The best soil should have both nutrients and humidity. Sprinkler installation can come in handy in ensuring…
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Need a lawn sprinkler system installed

4 Ways Sprinkler Systems Can Save Water and Money

How can you save water and money with your sprinkler system? Timing 5 to 10 am are the sweet spots for sprinklers. Cooler morning temperatures keep the water from evaporating due to the heat of the sun. Short watering cycles/15-minute breaks are the best practice. Zoning Set your watering schedule based on your garden’s layout:…
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Summer Sprinkler Advice from the Irrigation Experts

Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape has some valuable summer sprinkler advice to share, just in time for the arrival of the dog days of summer. These especially hot days can spell disaster for even a lush green lawn if the precautions are not taken. Thinking ahead and planning will make a big difference. Follow our advice…
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