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What exactly is a backflow preventor?

All businesses tend to have a ‘private’ language. This is a collection of, often technical, terms whose meaning is instantly clear to the experienced people who work there. They, therefore, use these words automatically – often confusing others. One term we use here – and have been asked about by customers – is ‘backflow preventers’.…
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Reasons why you need a modern sprinkler system

Advancements in technology have led to the development of automatic sprinkler systems, which can now be found in many residential homes. While your older sprinkler system has served you well, getting a smarter system can save you money all year round. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting an automatic sprinkler system installed.…
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Sprinkler system leaking Denver

Should you repair or replace your sprinkler system?

An aging sprinkler system starts to wear and tear with time until it eventually breaks down. At this moment, you have the option of replacing or repairing your irrigation system. However, this decision depends on various factors, including your budget, the age of the sprinkler, and its functionality. Sprinkler system repairs are performed when your…
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Sprinkler installation services

When is the best time for sprinkler installation?

In-ground sprinklers can help you maintain a healthy lawn with less work. If you are considering adding them to your landscape, here are some things to consider when deciding the best time to have one installed. Time It will take at least a few days to have a complete system installed. Make sure you leave…
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Xeriscape landscaping contractor

What exactly is xeriscaping?

It’s a question we are often asked; and the term itself does sound somewhat exotic. In fact, it’s from the Greek word ‘xeri’ which simply means ‘dry’. The reality is much simpler than the imagination might suggest. Xeriscaping is the process of designing landscapes to minimize or eliminate the need for regular irrigation. It’s particularly…
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Sprinkler leaking need repairs

Tired of frozen sprinklers?

Before winter arrives, it’s important to ensure that no leftover moisture remains in your irrigation system. Once the temperatures start dipping, excess liquid trapped in the pipes will freeze, and you may find yourself with a fairly challenging conundrum that involves a damaged lawn and hundreds of dollars’ worth of repairs. Here at Altitude, we…
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A great way to spend winter nights

There’s an old Scottish expression – ‘The nights are fair drawing in’ – meaning that darkness settles earlier and seems to last for so much longer. When you are stuck indoors, what better idea than to settle down and plan for when you can, once again, spend most of the daylight hours outside? It’s a…
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Custom landscaping

So what exactly is mulch?

When you use a term all the time, it’s easy to assume that everyone knows what you mean. However, from time to time, we do get asked questions such as this one, so here’s the answer… Mulch is a layer of material that is placed on top of the soil in a border or pathway.…
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Install landscaping lighting

Are you lit up for darker days or longer nights?

Being outdoors in the garden is not a year-long pleasure in Colorado. As fall comes across us, with winter to follow, and then a slowly-arriving spring, you’ll be spending much more time inside your home than for the rest of the year. And with days shorter and nights longer, then enjoying your garden as much…
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Sprinkler repair services Denver CO

Signs that indicate your sprinkler system needs repair

Weather patterns have become somewhat unpredictable. The best way to main a lush green yard, especially during the dry season, is by using a reliable sprinkler system. However, just like any other device, your sprinkler system needs constant repair to maintain its excellent performance. Below are signs that indicate you need sprinkler repair. Dying grass…
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Sprinkler system Altitude Sprinkler & Landscape

Deciding between a manual or automatic sprinkler

If you’re considering sprinkler installation, you’ll no doubt be wondering whether a manual or automatic system would best suit your Denver lawn. Manual sprinklers are usually easier to install compared to automatic systems, which require electricity to function. They are also incredibly simple to use – when your lawn needs watering, just turn the valve…
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sprinkler blowout service

Are You Watering Your Lawn Enough?

When you embark on sprinkler installation, you aren’t able to observe how much water is going on your lawn right away. So, you need to set up your sprinklers with the goal of watering your lawn the proper amount. Here are some tips for delivering the right amount of water: Instead of watering every day,…
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