One way to give an otherwise plain yard a personal touch that is both functional and beautiful is with a paved walkway or path.  Whether you use stone, brick or other paving materials, a paved walkway through your yard can give direction and order to your yard while reflecting your style.  

We offer excellent custom paved paths and walkways in Denver and the surrounding area, so that you can help design the path that suits you the best and make sure it is just what you are looking for.   A well crafted path doesn’t have to be a major, expensive long term project, because Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape has a dedication to our customers’ satisfaction that means we do our best to provide exceptional quality work on time and in budget, so you can start enjoying your yard rather than wait for the work to be completed for a long time.  

We are proud to have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and even more proud when we see how pleased our customers are with their new paved walkways or other feature we provide. Contact us today by phone or online to make an appointment for your free consultation. 

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