In a climate as dry as Colorado can be, many people are looking for yard and garden options that require less water.  Landscaping designed for maximum water efficiency, using low water plants and careful planning of water patterns is known as xeriscaping, and it can allow you to have a beautiful, unique yard space while conserving water and playing to the natural features of our climate.  We are an experienced Denver xeriscape contractor who can help you design and create an efficient, lush yard that does not require the watering that a more standard grass lawn needs.

Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape are ready to help you have the yard of your dreams,  from the irrigation systems it takes to keep a lawn green and healthy to patios, lighting and xeriscaping.  With 23 years of experience providing lawn and landscape services in Denver,  Altitudeknows what it takes to get a great yard in the Colorado area that requires little maintenance on your part.   We work with each client extensively to ensure that they are completely satisfied with their yard and landscape design, using their ideas and our knowledge to bring their yard to life.  Call for a free consultation orclick here to learn more.  

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