With the little amount of moisture in Colorado, it is necessary to have a sprinkler system.  Our lawns depend heavily on the water we supply it.  Altitude Sprinkler and Landscapeis a professional landscaping and sprinkler company that has served Denver and the metro area for over 23 years.
As the weather warms up it is time to think about getting your existing system ready for the summer or installing a new system.  Our experts are licensed and insured.  We do everything from sprinkler installation to landscaping services, concrete patios and more.
Our landscapers are experts at what they do. We will design a system for your particular site, provide the sprinkler installation in Aurora and properly adjust and check for leaks.  We will also have you watering on the proper schedule for your soil conditions to maintain its beauty all summer long.  
For over 23 years we have been a leader for sprinkler system installation in Aurora.  See what we can do for you.  Visit our website and call us today.

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