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Tips for using your sprinkler system properly

Some home and business owners invest a lot of money in sprinkler system installation and then use their sprinklers in improper ways that cause costly problems. To use your system properly, follow these tips:

  1. Conserve water

Water waste occurs when a sprinkler runs while it’s raining or during hot summer afternoons when heat evaporates water quickly. It’s also wasteful to spray anything other than plants, such as walkways and parking lots. A smart sprinkler system with timers, rain sensors, shutoff hardware and other valuable features can help you save water.

  1. Think about fungi

Mushrooms and other fungi love moisture. Nighttime watering gives them the moisture and darkness they need to thrive in your landscape and harm your lawn and garden plants. To prevent this growth, preset your sprinkler system to only activate in the early morning hours after dawn and before 10 a.m. or in the early evening.

  1. Prepare for winter

Hire a lawn sprinkler expert once a year before winter to inspect the system and provide sprinkler blowout service. Without these services, you increase the chance of your system freezing up and related damage and sprinkler system repairs.

At Altitude Sprinkler & Landscape, our knowledgeable team provides Denver home and business owners with a wide range of high-quality landscaping design services, including sprinkler system inspection and blowouts services. Contact us today for more tips or to schedule an appointment.

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