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Top 10 Benefits of a High-Quality Sprinkler System Installation

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Did you know that nearly one in three Americans do not know how often to use their sprinkler system? While fertilizer and other products are important, watering is the key component to landscaping success.

Adding sprinklers to your property yield a number of benefits. Not only do sprinklers save time, but they also can reduce your monthly watering bill.

Read on to learn 10 benefits of installing a high-quality sprinkler system. Learn how choosing the best sprinklers will make your landscape flourish.

1) A Sprinkler System Saves Time and Energy

Is there a more arduous task than moving a manual sprinkler every 15 to 20 minutes? Think about all the time that you waste adjusting the sprinkler.

Automatic sprinklers save you time and energy. With a simple timer mechanism, you no longer have to walk to the water valve to turn them on and off.

2) Keep the Hose Rolled Up

One of the most time-consuming steps is rolling and unrolling the hose. To save time, many homeowners leave the hose unraveled and lying on the lawn.

This leads to lawn burn as the hose sits idle on the grass. Also, it gives an unsightly look to the front of your home.

3) Sprinklers Can Reduce Your Water Bill

Irrigation systems are a great way to reduce your monthly or quarterly water bill. For starters, timed durations prevent you from overwatering the lawn.

In addition, there are system upgrades that can reduce your bill even further. A precision spray nozzle, for instance, is estimated to reduce water usage by 35 percent. Weather sensors are another system upgrade to cut water use.

4) Water in the Morning

The best thing for lawn health is watering in the morning. Lawn irrigation at night leaves it vulnerable to fungus.

At the same time, you should not water the lawn during the hottest parts of the day. This leaves the lawn susceptible to burning. With a control panel, your sprinklers turn on automatically every morning at the optimal time.

5) Sprinklers Make Fertilizing More Effective

Fertilizer is a key ingredient to a healthy lawn. However, the instructions are clear that freshly applied fertilizer needs to be watered. With irrigation, fertilizer is thoroughly watered and most effective.

6) Reduce Brown Spots

Manual sprinklers are limited. They have a maximum reach and often miss spots.
Sprinklers are strategically installed around the lawn for maximum coverage. This way, brown spots are in the past.

7) Water Gardens Too

Sprinklers are not just for lawns. They are great for fruit and vegetable gardens as well.
Ditch the watering can. No more daily trips to the water spout to water the garden.

8) No Need to Replace Manual Sprinklers

Manual sprinklers have a short service life. They only last a few years before they are weathered and ineffective.

Automatic sprinklers are buried in the ground. This way, they are preserved from the elements.

9) Sprinkler Zones

With zones, you can water different parts of the lawn at different times. This is perfect to create the optimal water schedule.

By doing so, you can observe sun patterns. Now you can avoid direct sunlight by watering at the best times.

10) Own a Beautiful Lawn

The bottom line is that sprinklers are sure to beautify your lawn. They are an effective tool for optimized watering and help fertilizer application.

Wrapping It Up

A sprinkler system yields many benefits. From reducing your water bill to saving time and energy, sprinklers do it all.

If you are interested in sprinkler installation, please contact us for assistance.

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