At Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape we make it easy to carry out the tree and shrub installation that will spruce up your yard in Denver. We offer soil amending, soil preparation, soil and gravel, mulching, trenching, drainage, irrigation, programmed watering, plants, tree and shrub installation and a whole lot more!

But if you are just looking for basic tree and shrub installation, we would love to provide that for you. We know all about the soils found in Colorado, how to amend them properly for successful growing and we also offer optional irrigation systems that will keep them growing strong. We take very careful steps to ensure proper betterment of the soil. Even the size and shape of the hole dug will make a big difference in the success of the plant. The roots must be properly placed and treated with care for best results.

Many homeowners do not realize the necessary steps required to have a successful planting. Make your job easier and have the experts take care of the tree and shrub installation. We are experienced in working with all type of plants, trees and shrubs.

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