Altitude Sprinkler & Landscape is a landscaping company as well as an expert on sprinkler system installation in Centennial. We specialize in sprinkler services. We install new systems and repair existing systems. We work with all types of systems and equipment, as we have years of experience behind us to give us the knowledge we need to deal with any situation. Don’t hesitate to call us when you need sprinkler installation services in Centennial.

There are many details that need to be attended to when installing a sprinkler system in Centennial. Depending on whether you want an automatic or manual system, require a back flow preventor, drainage system, etc.; many factors need to be considered before installing a new system. Call Altitude Sprinkler & Landscape, the sprinklers experts, to schedule an appointment. We can look at your yard; discuss what you want and what we can do for you. 

We feel that you should be spending time with your family instead of spending time moving hoses and sprinklers around to keep your lawn and landscape watered. Another real time waster is trying to repair your system. Let the experts do it, we can do it quickly and efficiently.

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