We specialize in sprinkler system services and sprinkler system repair in Aurora. Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape serves all of metro Denver. We will install a new sprinkler system, repair your old system or do blow-outs. These are just a small example of what we do at Altitude Sprinklers and Landscape. We are able to install and service all types of systems to meet a wide range of needs. We are just a phone call away to schedule a free consultation. 

Beside sprinkler system repair in Aurora, we also have full landscaping services available in Aurora. We know there is more to a beautiful yard than a properly working sprinkler system. Homeowners have challenges with water conversation on a daily basis. We can repair a sprinkler system and create a landscape that will be more water conservative than it was before. There are many products and techniques available to us that can make your landscape more beautiful and practical.

The best way to find out what we can do for you is to give us a call and schedule a time where we can come and look at your yard. Tell us what you want and we can make it happen. If you are not sure what to do, we can definitely suggest a design that will blow your mind away!

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