Wow!!! It is hot in Englewood. The hot weather is nice for the summer activities we all enjoy, but not so nice for the toll it takes on our lawns…… especially if your sprinkler system needs repair in Englewood. I am sure you would much rather be hiking with your family or playing golf than working on the sprinkler system. That is where Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape comes in. We specialize in sprinkler system repair so you don’t have too!

We are a professional licensed and insured contractor with 23 years of experience. We know the Englewood area well. We can help you with the repair of your present system or if you are considering installing a new system we can advise you on the best system for your particular situation. A properly working irrigation system can make your life a lot easier and can make your home more beautiful. Call us for sprinkler system repair for your Englewood home and while you are at it find out about xeriscaping and hard surface landscaping that can make your yard easier to maintain and save on your water bill. Life is too short to spend the time on tedious sprinkler repair. Call the experts, Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape.

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