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Why Sprinklers Are Your Landscape’s Best Friend

Why Sprinklers Are Your Landscape's Best Friend
At Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape, we can confidently say why sprinklers are your landscape’s best friend. It very rarely works out that your local climate produces the particular level of hydration required by each section of your garden. Particularly in dry climates such as Colorado, most plants will need a little extra water to flourish which makes it important to include sprinklers in your original landscape design or to retrofit your yard with an efficient system.
Lawns are especially prone to drying up and looking patchy without sufficient rainfall or artificial watering. Keeping your landscaped outdoor space hydrated and looking its best can be tough and time-consuming with just a hose. You will end up spending a lot of time on the task, and if you forget to water your lawn, or are too busy to do it, you will see the adverse effects after just a few weeks of dry, sunny weather.
Installing sprinklers can save you time and even help you to conserve water. For a busy homeowner, they provide the best solution for easy lawn and garden maintenance. A sprinkler system with an automatic timer allows you to go about your day without worrying about the grass. For the vast majority of the day, your sprinklers will be completely hidden from view. At their scheduled time the sprinklers will pop up to disperse water around the lawn before retracting back into the ground.
Modern sprinkler systems come equipped with sensors to detect moisture levels in the top level of the soil. If it rains during the day, the sensors will recognize this and automatically skip that day’s scheduled watering. For homeowners who travel frequently, an automated sprinkler system is an invaluable convenience. It eliminates the stress of arranging for a neighbor to water the lawn while you are out of town or the expense of hiring a gardener.
It might seem like a hassle to install a sprinkler system, as the pipes need to be laid down underneath your lawn so that the water can be delivered to different areas. This does involve digging up different sections of landscaping. It is best to have the sprinkler system installed before you lay the turf or sow the seeds of your lawn. If you decide to install sprinklers to an existing garden, you can combine the project with new plants or hard landscaping modifications.
Overall, regarding convenience and aesthetics, sprinkler systems have no competition. They are also considerably safer than dragging a hose across the garden every couple of days, as they pose no tripping hazard. The cost of the equipment and the installation fee may seem expensive, but when you consider the amount of time and labor saved by a sprinkler system, you will realize that it is well worth the investment. And if you’ve ever had to pay to re-sod a dried up and dead lawn, you’d further understand the value that only sprinklers can offer you.

A sprinkler system will keep your garden healthy and hydrated while giving you the ultimate freedom. Saving time and reducing water waste, that’s why sprinklers are your landscape’s best friend and indispensable for the modern homeowner in a dry climate. For more information on home irrigation systems and general landscaping services in Denver, contact Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape for your consultation and a free estimate.

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